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It doesn't matter if you are a C-Level Executive or a solopreneur, you must have unshakeable confidence to rock the world with authority, influence, and success. But fear is the #1 thing keeping us from that greatness.


It’s the fear of not knowing your true talents and how to show up in the world using those gifts, not knowing how to stand out in the world authentically, and the fear of not being good enough. This cripples us from being the successful leaders and entrepreneurs we desire to be.



Typically, when we hear the word “great,” we think of people like Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey: people who have contributed more to their fields than anyone else. We don’t usually see that we have the same potential to perform and operate at that same level.


Everyone thinks they need to be Christina Aguilera but it's quite all right to be Britney Spears. We can laugh all we want but she has more number one hits, won more awards, and has a larger global impact. 

And after 20 years of developing some of the biggest young stars...what I know to be true is that success only requires 20% talent…the other 80% is how you UNDERSTAND and SHARPEN your talents, the CONFIDENCE you have when you use those talents, and how you BRAND those talents to stand out.

This no-BS message takes my three-step RockStar Method and transforms the audience by teaching them how to: 

Re-evaluate their true talents and how to creatively use them to move from ordinary to extraordinary.

Evolve their flaws into strengths while being “flawesome” (having flaws and still being awesome.)

Show up in the world so that they can go after their dreams and passions with unshakeable confidence.




"read all the books and spent literally thousands of dollars working with coaches over the years, but during one exercise with Jonathan, suddenly I could see clearly, the barrier that was keeping me from moving forward. Jonathan busted me open! By overcoming this FEAR, my business is absolutely killing it and my family and friends are happy to see the light back in my eyes again. I feel like a new person."

David Marryatt | Owner NUVOCLEAN



ON STAGE | Jonathan is an inclusive speaker focused on diversity, authenticity, and being your own brand. He uses humor, passion, crowd involvement, and pop culture to reach the audience. 

OFF STAGE | We have been on the flip side of event planning for the past 20 years so we pride ourselves on complete professionalism. We are low maintenance, early, involved, professional, positive, fun energy, and easy to work with. 

Carmen Ayo 

Principle Sunnyvale ISD

"Jonathan brings so much excitement

and energy to the stage. Not only did he motivate the students, but he also spoke their language and brought relevance to current topics. The kids loved him! They lined up around the corner to take photos and meet him."

Christy Melgoza

Author Murray Dance Studios

"Jonathan is the best. His passion to help others succeed and be better than even they think they can, is clearly his gift. We bring him in to our district meetings to work with our studio owners, executives, and their teams. He gives us the motivation, understanding, and tools to help re-evaluate what we thought was once impossible...to be possible."

Veda Burton

CEO Rage Complex

"I called Jonathan the morning of our event to have him come and speak. Not only did he work with me to tie in our event to his message, but he showed up and knocked it out of the park."

"There's a ROCKSTAR already inside you...it just needs the tools and permission to be released."

Jonathan George