Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to encourage and inspire thousands of people at over 500 events across the WORLD. Whether you’re a business, conference, corporation or college, I’d love to see how we can work together for your next event.


Jonathan's message

Jonathan George is coined "The Life-Hacker for Millennials & Gen Z".

He is a highly motivational, passionate & entertaining speaker who helps all ages to understand themselves and helps them to tap into their greatness so they can reach their full potential, their inner RockStar. 

He is an expert in life strategies, personal branding, and serious life hacks. He is a fountain of knowledge and wisdom and has a true ability of "seeing" people's gifts and their true essence.

Jonathan is passionate about helping people walk in complete confidence. He has spent over 20 years developing the careers of so many stars in Hollywood. He believes confidence is the key to their success, not their talent. 


working with us

  1. ON STAGE - Jonathan is an inclusive speaker focused on diversity and being your own brand. He uses humor, crowd involvement, pop culture, and current hot topics to reach the audience. 

  2. OFF STAGE- We have been on the flip side of event planning for the past 20 years so we pride ourselves in complete professionalism. We are low maintenance, on time, professional, positive & fun energy and easy to work with. 



"The minute I met Jonathan, I knew I wanted him to speak to our teams. His enthusiasm and exciting personality make him extremely charismatic. His passion for helping others to succeed and be better than even they think they can, is clearly his gift. We were thrilled to have Jonathan train our team and the Arthur Murray Professionals from the San Fernando Valley. He has a great way of connecting with people and sharing his passion. How he explains “Mediocre talent can change the world”, is spot on, and gives people the motivation and understanding to help re-evaluate what they thought was once impossible...to be possible." Christy Melgoza, Arthur Murray Dance Studio Owner

"Jonathan brings so much excitement and energy to the school. Not only did he motivate the students, he spoke their language and brought relevancy to current topics. The kids loved him! They lined up around the corner to take photos and meet him." Carmen Ayo, Principal Sunnyvale ISD

"I have had the honor of knowing Jonathan George for nearly 30 years. During that time, he has followed his passion to help others discover their fullest potential with integrity and fidelity! I personally invited Jonathan to speak to over 600+ students on my own campus, delivering the message that no matter what their hurdle was in life, one can rise above it and only they can be the ROCKSTAR they want to be! The energy he brought to our students was beyond electrifying, with so many students setting personal goals afterwards. Jonathan is not afraid to think outside the box or take risks because he BELIEVES in his passion and in his clients. Jonathan chooses to see the ROCKSTAR in all people, which is why he is such an effective motivator to so many people!" Sheri Mohr, Principal



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