Even talented athletes need a coach to make it to the Olympics....


Life strategy coach

►Identify your greatness 

►Articulate your greatness and goals

►Learn new tools to walk confidently in your greatness

►Identify and conquer the problems, old mind sets and obstacles keeping you from achieving your goals

►Achieve excellence in all areas of your life

►Take your life to RockStar status


Personal branding expert

►Who am I?

►What is my story? 

►What makes me different & unique?

►How do I use my uniqueness to my benefit? 

►How do I use my personal brand in everyday life?

►How do I apply these things in order to make a living doing what I love?

►How do I use my brand to create the life I want to live?


Business branding expert

►Create YOUR personal story to build connection & trust 

►Create the YOUR why so people can build a rapport

►Create YOUR clear, concise story to peak interest

►Create YOUR brand's process to generate confidence

►Create YOUR social proof by actually putting your brand to work




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"Jonathan George has truly changed my life. It is very rare to meet people who practice what they preach but Jonathan is one of the most inspiring, spiritual and motivating people I’ve ever come into contact with. After just one weekend of working with him, he shined a light on strengths that I never knew I had and helped to embrace them and use them to make me not only a better performer, but a better person. He showed me that vulnerability is a beautiful thing and how to take charge of my own life and how to truly ROCK MY LIFE."  CAROLINE KRADDICK

"Jonathan has this incredible ability to see ALL of you. He sees your vulnerable parts, your strengths, and everything else in between. When I first met Jonathan, and had the pleasure of spending a week with him in Bali, I had this profound realization that up until that point in my life, I had never been truly SEEN for all of who I was. Not by others and definitely not through my own eyes. This was a pivotal defining moment in my life, for being seen allowed me to step into who I truly am. He showed me my own abilities and greatness through his understanding, his encouragement, his patience, his presence, his attention to detail, and his ability to articulate all the things that he could see inside of me that I wasn't yet able to. After the week, I hired him to brand me and my new business model. I feel blessed beyond words to have met you Jonathan George. Thank you for ALL of you." ALICIA ABERLEY, Author of Blow Your Own Beautiful Mind

"There are not too many people I know who can make someone realize that their dream can become a reality and get that "ball rolling" within an hour! During this short time frame, Jonathan took my talent for baking to a whole new level and that's where my new business started. We came up with the company name, secured a website, drafted my logo, identified my marketing strategies and branding, created a ruff budget and started my social media outlets. Jonathan, thank you for everything!" CATHY COURSEY, Cathy's Crumbs

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