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Casting Gone Right - Modern Family

Jonathan George assists veteran casting director Christine Day for special episode of Modern Family #Promposal. You may have recognized some of the players added to the already amazing cast of MF. The quartet included former IM5 bandmates Will Jay and Dana Vaughns as well as recording artist Colton Burton, Chantz Simpson from Red Dead Redemption (VG), Ryan Wirtz from The X Factor and Derik Nelson. Filming went off without a hitch and made for great television. #ModernFamily #JGEntertainment 


Sarah McMullen featured on Women of Substance Radio

Congratulations Sarah! Women of Substance Radio has recognized Sarah's original song 'Skyscraper' to be played on Saturday nights Dance/Pop show starting March 31st @ 8pm-9pm (PT).
You can listen and vote HERE! 

Sarah's music video 'Skyscraper'

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