Houston Astros

Macy Medford performs National Anthem and Half-time Show at Houston Stallion Indoor Football

Macy Medford shows her true colors by performing the National Anthem and Half-time show at the Houston Stallions Indoor Football Game. She also got the chance to snap a picture with Mayor Don Elder, Jr and the team mascot. Macy said, "All in all it was a pretty sweet day!"

Me performing the National Anthem

Me and the Mayor Don Elder, Jr.

Me and the Houston Stallions mascot

Macy Medford Performing at Opening Weekend for Houston Stallions and Houston Astros

Congratulations to Macy Medford for being chosen to perform the National Anthem and during the half time show for the Houston Stallions on April 7th!

Also Macy is performing the National Anthem at the Houston Astros opening weekend of baseball on April 8th!
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