Fall Jam Live - November 17th


Fall Jam Live at The Gramercy Theatre in NYC featuring IM5.

Additional artists performing include: Lovey James (Hollywood Launch PDX), Trevor Moran (YouTube), Jenna Rose (Recording Artist), Coco Jones (Disney), DJ Salerno just to name a few. 


JG Entertainment Presents Artist Showcase w/ Live Band

Looking for something FUN to do on April 1st? Well this is no April Fools! Join Jonathan George Entertainment as we present an Artist Showcase w/ Live Band. 

Doors - 5:45p

Show - 6:00pm

Location: Complete Actors Place, 13752 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, Ca 91423

Artists Performing: Aaron Landon, CJ Fam, Noah Urrea, Andrea Cortes, Britt Flatmo, Andy Sligh, Kyle Villalovos, Ariana Sloan, Hannah Landon, and Natalia Loya.

RSVP to LJ@Jonathangeorge.biz


Aaron Landon Talks Disney's Crash and Bernstein

Aaron Landon who plays 'Pesto' on the new hit series Disney XD's Crash and Bernstein,  talks to Shine On Media about what it is like working with a puppet and music. Congrats Aaron on your success. We will be watching Monday nights 8:30pm/7:30pm central. #CrashAndBernstein #YouthRock

Aaron Landon Lands on Disney's Crash And Bernstein

The premiere of Disney XD's Crash and Bernstein will air on Monday, October 8th. BUT I have a secret...SHHHHHH...(whisper) if you log on to iTunes you can see it for FREE right now...Tell everyone. Hollywood Launch LA is so stoked to see Aaron Landon as 'Pesto' on Crash! So Hilarious. Great job Aaron, we are all so proud of your accomplishments. #CrashAndBerstein

Macy Medford performs National Anthem and Half-time Show at Houston Stallion Indoor Football

Macy Medford shows her true colors by performing the National Anthem and Half-time show at the Houston Stallions Indoor Football Game. She also got the chance to snap a picture with Mayor Don Elder, Jr and the team mascot. Macy said, "All in all it was a pretty sweet day!"

Me performing the National Anthem

Me and the Mayor Don Elder, Jr.

Me and the Houston Stallions mascot

Macy Medford featured on JENNi 20 Countdown

JENNi20 Countdown will be featuring Macy Medford's Just Me and You music video starting this weekend Saturday, May26th. We are so excited for Macy.

Here's where it can been seen and heard:

Saturday, May 26th from 4-6pm on KYNM My Family TV channel 30.1 in Albuquerque and Santa Fe (audio simulcast on AM 1240 in ABQ and JENNiRADIO.com)

Tuesday, May 29th (Hour 1) and Thursday, May 31st (Hour 2) at 4pm
on KYNM My Family TV channel 30.1

 Become a Fan of Macy Medford!


Macy Medford Performing at Opening Weekend for Houston Stallions and Houston Astros

Congratulations to Macy Medford for being chosen to perform the National Anthem and during the half time show for the Houston Stallions on April 7th!

Also Macy is performing the National Anthem at the Houston Astros opening weekend of baseball on April 8th!
You can purchase tickets HERE! 

Sarah McMullen featured on Women of Substance Radio

Congratulations Sarah! Women of Substance Radio has recognized Sarah's original song 'Skyscraper' to be played on Saturday nights Dance/Pop show starting March 31st @ 8pm-9pm (PT).
You can listen and vote HERE! 

Sarah's music video 'Skyscraper'

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