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#1 Biggest Social Media Mistake, Studio 32

Have you ever wonder if you are doing enough to maximize your Social Media accounts? An article from the online source Stage32 recently shared the #1 Biggest Social Media Mistake that they have experienced lately. The finds may be surprising...

"What's the biggest mistake creatives make when it comes to social media?"
For even if you are as active as possible, dedicate all your time to being as selfless as you can be, and promote yourself in a productive fashion, if have not handled the number 1 mistake on the list, you're doing yourself a disservice and handicapping yourself.

So what is this inexcusable blunder?  It's something so simple...

Completing your profile.

You can be as charming as can be, post great material, ask all the right questions, but if a curious party goes to your profile and doesn't have any idea of where you've been and where you desire to go, the door shuts. 

In fact, in a recent poll of 323 people who hired Stage 32 members for a project, over 91% listed "Full Profile" as the most important aspect when reviewing a prospect for a position.  When asked "Would you contact someone who didn't provide basic information (bio, reel, loglines, resume, etc) in regard to a position you have available?), 3% answered "Yes".

Look at it another way...Would you go to a job interview or meeting in the "real" world without a resume, reel, or headshots?  Of course not.  And with more and more interviewing and hiring being done online than ever - and that percentage will only increase - it's imperative to color your profile with as much information as possible." - Richard "RB" Botto

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