Ashley Greene Launch Party - Avalon Hollywood

We here at Jonathan George Entertainment are really proud for our artists who performed at the launch party for by Break the Cycle and the National Dating Abuse Helpline held at the Avalon in Hollywood CA. Macy Medford sang Crazy Bout You, Sarah McMullen sang Surround Me and IM5 did a cover of Dominoe by Jessie J.

Many great performers and special guests: Ashely Greene (Twilight), Joe Biden, Camille Winsbush and Renee Olstead (Secret LIfe of an American Teenager), VanJess (Youtube), IM5, Sarah McMullen, Levi Kreiss (Tony Winner), and so many others! 

Macy Medford - Crazy 'Bout You

IM5 - Domino by Jessie J

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