Don't Miss Out - Q&A with Jonathan George

Are you dying to know if your child has natural talent? How do you nurture that talent? What is the next step? 

If your child has a dream, talent or gift, whether that's academics, acting, sports, dance, singing, arts-

  • How does a parent identify the child’s natural gifts?

Parents: Pay attention. Provide exposure to a variety of activities, especially those that the child is naturally inclined toward. It’s not necessarily what the parent was good at or interested in – you’ll see it if you pay attention and let the child decide. What you don’t want to do is have the parent unconsciously projecting their unfulfilled dreams onto the child.

  • How do parents nurture that gift? How do you go about finding the right team?

Nurturing comes with providing support without pressure. Parents need to research and provide outlets for the child. With technology you can find every possible opportunity. Once you find the outlet, make sure that the child learns to be accountable for their commitment for the short term, encouraging them throughout the process without pressuring.

Finding the right team: It’s critical to create the right “team” between the child, teacher/coach and parent. Find a teacher or coach you feel comfortable with, who isn’t intimidating to your child, but who you respect and trust. A child has to feel safe to expose their weaknesses in order to grow. If someone feels intimidated they won’t grow. They have to trust the teacher. The parent has to let that bond develop.

  • How do you help manage your child's desires and abilities without damaging the relationship between parent and child?

There’s a big difference between being a Momager/Popager and being proactive on behalf of your child’s best interest. There are a lot of parents who are smart business people, managers, etc – they know how to do it in their professional lives. The problem is your child is not “a business” – he or she is a person who is part of a team with coaches paid to lead them and guide them. It’s important for the parent to stay heavily involved in the process, but they have to be a parent #1. If they start bulldozing for their child, there’s a problem – either with the parent’s ego, the child’s true interest, or the coach. It has to be addressed up front and change direction if it’s not working on all three fronts.

  • What if my child has talent but is not the "best" or "top" competitor, what do I do? 

The world is made up of a majority of people who are not the #1 best. We have to keep developing and work with what we are given. We want our child to figure out a way to be great and find a way to express the gift, solo, or as part of a team. There are many points of view out there – there will be an opportunity to match a child’s gift for a need out there. Developing a talent is about learning, growing and becoming better at life. It’s so important that you keep your child growing – they will find their way. Kids come to me and they are not the best singers – they will be among the majority of us who don’t become Beyonce, but the gift is in the process, learning to be part of team, build their work ethic, self confidence. Be a superstar in their own lives.


If your child doesn’t get the rolemake the team, gets an injury that prevents further play - the whatever because life happens – You have to help them trust the process. We may not know the reason or outcome for years. While in the short term it may be really disappointing, you have to help the child realize he is not “what happens” to him – he is WHO he is – an amazing person with a purpose in life. Sometimes my kids are disappointed in not getting cast in a TV show, and later it turns out that the show bombed anyway and it would have not been a good experience. They were then actually available for a better opportunity down the road.  Life works out that way most of the time.


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