Sarah McMullen Wins Grand Prize for Sonic Bids Original Song Competition

On Septemember 24, 2011, Sarah McMullen gave a dynamic performance after receiving her award for Grand Prize Winner of the Sonic Bids Original Song Competition at the 4th Annual Malibu Music Awards. She was among some amazing legends as well as new artists like Lainie Kazan (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), Robert Davi, Mike Pinera, The Backbeats (The Sing Off),  Cimorelli (Youtube), Vincent Spano (Law and Order), Frank Stallone, and so many more!  

Here is a great excerpt from Livia Sappington

...I am making a prediction...  MOVE OVER LINDSEY LOHAN!  Sonic Bids Original Song Competition Finalists Award Grand Prize Winner Sarah McMullen will be a superstar!  This 16 year-old stunning beauty and an honor student from Kansas City has the whole package.  She is personable, energetic, and a heck of a good singer; song writer, and performer.  She is a natural.  She would be sensational in teen-movies or on TV.  On stage she lights up and is in total control - she owns it!  Producers, directors - pay attention!  Sarah is the next "IT" girl!  Read the rest of the article here


Skyscraper was written by Andrew Lane, Sarah McMullen, Kendra Pruitt and Jonathan George

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