Sir Castanon Reviewed in Hotter In Hollywood


Sir castanon
It was only a matter of time. 

If the Usher/Justin Timberlake era begat the Bieber and the Britney/Pink oeuvre arguably helped shape the Miley, then one can assume that the stylings of Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga have borne Sir Castanon .

It has recently come to our attention that this 13-year-old avant-garde pop performer is making a splash here in L.A. Nominated for two L.A. Music Awards for Pop Artist of the Year and Pop Single of the Year (for "Puppeteer"), this comes as a nice cherry topper after his Male Pop Artist nod at the eWorld Music Awards (take that, Rebecca Black).

An unmasked Castanon on the set of the "Puppeteer" music video.

And yes, he designs all of his clothes himself (Gaga must be so proud). Check out this little monster and judge for yourself:

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