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Jonathan George Entertainment artist, Sarah McMullen, on FOX 4's Reaching 4 Excellence.

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OVERLAND PARK, KS - On October 7, people in the entertainment industry in and around Hollywood gather to shine the spotlight on up-and-coming musical performers who are ready for their big break-out. The FOX 4 Young Achiever of the Week is one of them. 15 year old Sarah McMullen is in the running in the LA Music Awards.

On a recent afternoon at Blue Valley North High School, the students at the microscopes in anatomy class were zoomed in on connective tissue, some of the endless miracles and mysteries of the human body. Sophomore Sarah McMullen keeps busy at school with challenging classes like this one -- and a long list of activities and leadership roles.

"I have a passion for a lot of different things," says Sarah. But none of her other passions comes close to singing her heart out -- giving audiences joy with her music.

"It's just something that drives you," says Sarah. "It's just that spark that hits you. This is what I want to do. I love entertaining people. I love doing this."

Sarah's an independent artist who's been entertaining people more and more since she got the first of her two regional Radio Disney Hannah Montana Talent Competition victories as a sixth grader. Sarah writes songs, as well, just like her grandparents. Her grandfather was a member of a popular American Folk band called The Cumberland Trio. She's also a talented dancer and actress with her first movie set for release next year.

"It's really important in this business to be a versatile performer," says Sarah. "It's not only kind of required for this industry that I've gotten myself into, but also it's fun."

Sarah's star has been on a nice, steady rise. And now it could get a galactic boost. She's been nominated as Pop Artist of the Year in the LA Music Awards.

"The nomination itself is just such great exposure," says Sarah. For nearly two decades now, the LA Music Awards have recognized outstanding unsigned musical talent. Winning could be the big break that gets Sarah on her way to the goal she's been working so hard to achieve.

"Just really propel my career to maybe get a record deal, get more exposure, get a larger fan base and just take it to a new level."

Sarah's big fan base in Kansas City, including the people who run the dance studio where she trains, say she has star quality -- and the right stuff to succeed no matter what happens at the awards -- because she is so motivated and down-to-earth.

"She just really is a really nice girl," says Brian McGinniss, the director of Miller-Marley School of Dance and Voice in Overland Park, KS. "It's so fun to see when she comes back from L.A., four weeks, six weeks, and she come back and one of the important things is to just get back to her life and be a normal kid."

"It's really important that I stay grounded," says Sarah, "because the industry I'm in is so hard on a person with rejection and with a lot of criticism it can throw back at you. And the only way you can really get through that is if you have a support system. And you have friends at home you can count on." Already a star.

Sarah has been very focused on devoting her talents to helping other people. Among other things, she's performed in major benefit concerts this year that have raised tens of thousands of dollars to provide medical care for pregnant women in Africa and for children in Haiti still suffering after the earthquake.

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