It all started for me at the age of 4.

Jonathan on Next Big Star

I got up to sing “Jesus loves me” in church one Sunday, forgot the words and belted out “You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog” instead. My father was the minister so no one took offense. Instead, they realized my love for singing and performing and hoped it would someday touch many people. 


Fast forward to the age of 26, I was named the Grand Champion Winner on Ed McMahon’s “Next Big Star”. It was the highlight of my career and my dreams were finally coming true as a brand-new record deal slid across the table… that was until they discovered I was gay. I was left with no deal, no direction, and my dreams shattered. My team tried to get me married, they tried to change my music, they tried to change everything about me. All I heard was...



“You’re. Not. Good. Enough.”

You see, I had already spent a lifetime of being relentlessly bullied for being the creative kid who didn't play sports. Also, as the son of a preacher, I was told that I could never fulfill the purpose I knew I had in my life. I didn’t know who I was or how to show up in the world. And no matter the accolades, I truly believed I wasn’t good enough. That’s when I said “no more” and vowed to become the kind of coach I so badly needed in my own life. 

 I needed someone who wasn’t going to CHANGE me... and make me different from who I was.  Instead, I needed someone to help me ROCK the person I already was.

So, as the CEO of JG Entertainment, I have spent the past two decades coaching people to understand, extract, and develop their most valuable assets so that they can go after their dreams and passions with unabashed confidence. This method creates the most powerful personal brand, which in turn translates to authority, influence, and success.  

It starts with my belief…

There is a RockStar already in you. It just needs the tools and permission to be unleashed.”


Jonathan George has truly changed my life. He is one of the most inspiring, spiritual, and motivating people I’ve ever come into contact with. After just one weekend of working with him, he shined a light on strengths that I never knew I had and helped to embrace them and use them to make me not only a better performer but a better person. He showed me that vulnerability is a beautiful thing, how to take charge of my own life and how to truly ROCK MY LIFE." 


- Caroline Kraddick | TV / Radio Personality & Recording Artist



"Confidence is a learned skill." 

Jonathan George




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