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It all started for me at the age of 4.  I got up to sing “Jesus loves me” in church one Sunday, forgot the words and belted out “You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog” instead. However, my father was the minister so no one took offense. Instead, they realized my love for singing and performing and hoped it would someday touch many people.

I grew up in Dallas, TX and am the baby of 8 kids. I am the product of a long lineage of talented Pentecostal ministers, singers, and musicians, who have dedicated their lives to helping people be the highest version of themselves.

My biggest inspirations do not come from the world; they come from my family. I am a son of a preacher an my father is one of the wisest and most loving men I know, and he has had a huge impact on grooming me to be the man I am today. My late grandmother, Dretha Utter had four successful gospel records and is still my biggest music icon to this day. Many of my other relatives have seen success in the Gospel market, giving my family the nickname, "The White Winans." My step cousin Bart Millard wrote, "I Can Only Imagine" and amazingly enough, I was one of the very first people to ever hear that song sitting in his bedroom getting ready for his father's wake.  

Naturally, I am an ordained minister and served in some form of ministry in the church until my mid-thirties. However, through the years, I shed religion and have become a voice to the world coming from a place of love and spirituality. 

I left home at 18 to get an education and to discover my own passions, dreams, and purpose. While attending the University of Central Oklahoma and studying to be a music teacher, I had a professor who recognized my talents and encouraged me to take a different path. It was the first time I had someone "see me" and tell me I could perform for a living and that I had the gift to do it. So, after graduating with a Bachelor of Music Education, I hit the road performing full time. 

In 2000, I moved to Los Angeles to take my music to a whole new level. In that first year, I won the title Grand Champion on Ed McMahon's, Next Big Star, which helped me launch a full-blown music career. However, a year into my solo career, music quickly changed. White boy soul went out, and Alternative Rock music moved in.

It was not a slow transition. It all happened very quickly, and I found myself completely lost with my confidence deteriorating each day. There was no one to lean on; no one pushing me and assuring me that I was good enough. I even started questioning if I had the abilities to pursue my dreams. I was stuck but knew I had to keep moving. I needed to find a way to pivot and use my talents to survive financially while staying in alignment with my passions.

It is amazing how difficult times can bring things out in us that we never knew existed.

A few fun facts: I was in a JayZ music video, a SAYNKO commercial with Nicholas Cage, and performed on FOX’s "Thirty Seconds to Fame” as well as “MAD TV”

I put my music degree to work and went back to my early years of teaching voice. I quickly grew passionate about working with these young singers. I became consumed, pouring every ounce of my gifts and abilities into my newfound purpose and it was incredibly rewarding to witness talent develop right before my eyes.

I eventually launched JG Entertainment, which resulted in creating, developing, branding, producing, directing, managing and launching some of the hottest young stars in Hollywood.

I have served as creative director, music director and vocal director under some of the biggest names in the industry including Simon Fuller, Debbie Reynolds, and Stevie Wonder. The journey has brought me down the path to become a multi-award winning songwriter, producer, director, photographer and published author.

In March 2017, a major shift happened in my life.

Two years prior, I knew a major change was coming but I didn't know what, how or when. I was dried up and felt empty and lifeless. I had given every ounce of myself and had nothing left to give. But it all changed when I was invited to attend a Body, Mind, Soul and Business MasterMind event in Bali. With 2 weeks notice, I said YES! Without knowing what to expect, I showed up with an open heart and mind and within the first two hours,  a cosmic experience shifted my whole life.

I remembered who I was! I remembered my calling in life.

It was right then and there that I committed to serving others to the best of my ability, which is helping the world be the best version of themselves. After creating RockStars in the entertainment business for 20 years, now I am helping develop RockStars in life. 

Currently I am traveling the world speaking full time, working 10% of the time in the music business, and finishing my book "How To Rock Life", which is set to be released early September. 

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